Contributors and Sponsors

Initial drafting, contributing to the first part of the papers, was sponsored by GFT Technologies SE.

The publication, launch and distribution of the papers was sponsored by M&G plc, Bravura Solutions Limited and FIS. All three parties contributed to the development of ideas, added professionalism to the initiative, and patiently reviewed successive drafts. M&G were particularly helpful in design and publication; Bravura in planning the launch event, and FIS in distribution.

The Investment Association (through its Engine Fintech Accelerator) constructively supported the initiative, by contributing a foreword, hosting the launch event, alerting members to the papers and arranging follow-up events.

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Bravura solutions
Investment Association (IA)


The Digital Issuance project has been fortunate to have had the assistance of a wide range of senior industry professionals in the drafting of the papers: they have kindly contributed input and reviews, and improved the papers substantially. The reviewers, and their most recent or prominent experience, are:

  • Mark Harrison, currently CTO at Killik & Co, previously COO at Waverton Investment Management.
  • Atul Manek, previously COO and CFO at Insight Investment.
  • Dr Jamie Ballin, currently Director at Moody’s Analytics.
  • Chris Baldwin, currently Technology Delivery Lead at FundAdminChain.
  • Adrian Grimshaw, previously COO / CTO at M&G.
  • David Kiddie, currently Chairman at Mattioli Woods and NED at Marlborough Fund Managers, previously CEO (UK) at BNP Paribas Investment Partners.
  • Meagan Burnett, currently Global COO of Asset Management at M&G, and a publication sponsor of this paper.
  • Tony Beaumont, previously Head of Development at LGIM and Baring Asset Management.
  • Keith Phillips, currently Executive Director at PIMFA WealthTech, part of the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association.
  • Roger Portnoy, currently Strategic Advisor & Partnership Director at Wealth Dynamix.
  • Patricia Fouqueray, currently Managing Director at a major asset manager and platform provider, previously Head of Asset Management at Linedata.
  • Tarik Ben Saud, currently an Independent Advisor to Asset Owners, previously MD at Blackrock and Head of Investment Solutions at Insight Investment.
  • John Beeston, currently Chief Executive of UK Wealth Management at FIS Platform Securities, and a publication sponsor of this paper.
  • Dominic Hobson, currently Co-founder and editorial director at Future of Finance, previously Co-founder and Editor in Chief of Global Custodian.
  • Charlie Browne, currently Head of Market Data & Risk Solutions at GoldenSource.
  • John Avery, currently Head of Product for Capital Markets, Crypto & Digital Assets at FIS.
  • Jason Webb, currently Member of the World Economic Forum, Digital Asset Governance Working Group.
  • Nick Parsons, currently CEO at Bravura Solutions, previously CTO at DST International, and a publication sponsor of this paper.
  • Alex Houseman, currently Chief Architect at M&G Investments.
  • Keith Bear, currently Fellow at the Centre for Alternative Finance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
  • Martim Norton dos Reis, currently VP of Digital Innovation at a major US bank.
  • Khadeeja Bassier, currently Chief Operating Officer at NinetyOne.
  • Colin Parry, currently CEO of Parry Securities Consulting.
  • David Axson, currently a speaker and author on business performance of global standing, previously Partner at Accenture.
  • Ian Kevern, previously Director of Risk at Nomura and Barclays.
  • Louise O’Hara, Senior Marketing Strategist, currently Managing Director at Amellior.


The opinions expressed in the papers are those of the author, and there is no implication that they are approved or supported by any other individual or organisation, including those identified as sponsors, as supporters, as editors / reviewers, or as clients of the author. The parties who have contributed to the papers share one view, which is that the subject of digital issuance is important and needs widespread and intelligent debate.

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