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Dr Ian Hunt
Dr Ian Hunt

Dr Ian Hunt is a well-known authority on Buy-Side business process and technology. He is a frequent conference speaker and contributor to industry publications. Ian has advised many leading asset managers and asset owners on investment processes, operations and technology. Ian is particularly recognised for his work in promoting innovation in technology for investment. His clients include M&G, BNP Paribas, Legal & General, Insight Investment, Fidelity, Hiscox, Threadneedle, Royal London and Hermes.

Alongside his consulting and development work, Ian has acted as an Investment Management expert witness in a series of Madoff-related trials, and has provided expert investment evidence to a range of other fraud cases in the UK and Ireland.

Ian has supported the roll-out of liability-driven investment products at Insight, defined the business model for a new financial engineering and derivatives business for the BT Pension Scheme, structured insurance derivative funds at Hiscox and managed the derivatives components of an outsource for Threadneedle. He is recognised as an expert on investment process automation, and has led multiple system implementations in order management, asset allocation, trading, compliance and risk. He was central to the work of the global standards committee on Investment Book of Record (IBOR).

Ian is a recognised spokesman for the Buy-Side on Distributed Ledger Technology. He provides expert input to leading DL consortia, advises asset managers on their blockchain strategies, and works with vendors as a design authority on ledger-based Buy-Side applications, including IBOR and TA platforms. He is the co-author of a paper on Buy-Side applications of DLT, which is a foundational research work supported by both the Investment Association and the Alternative Investment Management Association.

For seven years from 1997 to 2004, Ian was a founder director of the consultancy CityIQ, and successfully built up a Buy-Side consulting business with a strong reputation. He was also Global Product Director for DST International, and has held Non-Executive Director positions at Xenomorph Limited (a derivatives and time-series data specialist), Catalyst Development and Shrap.

Ian has a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, an MSc in Computer Science, and a PhD in Mathematical Logic from London University. Prior to this, Ian studied Classics at school, and has A-Levels in Latin, Ancient Greek and English Literature. He speaks Italian, sometimes fluently.

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