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Rethinking our view of assets and transactions can lead to remarkable benefits: a common form of representation for digital assets is possible across asset classes, and a single digital operating model is practical and achievable as a result. 

This will deliver transformative improvements in financial products both for investors and for the issuers of capital.

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Future of Finance Event on Digital Issuance
Future of Finance Event on Digital Issuance Dr Ian Hunt will be presenting on Digital Issuance at an event held by Future of Finance on 20th September. The event will open with a presentation by Dr Ian Hunt, author of Digital Issuance – An Optimal Model for Digital Assets and Transactions, which is described by one asset management COO as ....
Asset Manager Interview Series
Asset Manager Interview Series Dr. Ian Hunt on Digital Issuance Video #4 Dr. Ian Hunt - limina
Launch event
Launch event Launch event date and venue fixed as 19th July at the Investment Association. Register here >
Our client and stakeholder expectations have changed. The way in which Financial Services deliver to these needs is no longer fit for purpose. We are running out of road. more
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